Syllabus under Rural developement for NABARD exam

  • Concept of Rural area
  • Structure of the Indian Rural economy
  • Importance and role of the rural sector in India
  • Economic, Social and Demographic Characteristics of the Indian rural economy
  • Causes of Rural Backwardness
  • Rural population in India
  • Occupational structure
  • Farmers, Agricultural Labourers, Artisans, Handicrafts, Traders, Forest dwellers/tribes and others in rural India
  • Trends of change in rural population and rural work force
  • problems and conditions of rural labour
  • Issues and challenges in Handlooms
  • Panchayati Raj Institutions – Functions and Working.
  • Rural developemnt schemes
  • Rural Drinking water Programmes, Swachh Bharat, Rural housing,  rural development programmes. Rural Credit System
  • Role of Rural Credit in Rural Development
  • Evolution and Growth of Rural Credit System in India
  • Role and functions of RBI, NABARD, SIDBI and other financial institutions.